User Friendly

Portable & Works out of the Box

Getting started is the hardest part, we make it as easy as possible. There are no runtime files or dependencies that you or your players need to install. Download, extract, get Intersect setup to start designing in less than 2 minutes. The video above shows the process from start to finish (uncut!) Sit back and start designing!

Mapping Tools

(Undo/Redo, Copy/Paste, etc)

When creating a game you will spend countless hours designing your game world (or mapping). Intersect goes the extra mile and provides all the basic tools required to make mapping as painless and efficient as possible! (Believe it or not, most engines don't have these basic features!)

World Explorer

(aka Map Grid)


Use the map grid tab in our developer suite to quickly jump between maps you want to edit. Also use the map grid to zoom in and zoom out of your game world, take whole world screenshots and much more!

Documentation & FAQ

Scouring documentation and frequently asked questions may not be fun, but most users love having all the answers to their questions available to them at all times. If you're about to start making a quest, have the documentation up in the background, the docs give examples on how to use each feature so you can ideas and inspiration from how we use these systems while learning to use them yourself! Click the following links to find the documentation and frequently asked questions.

Peer to Peer Support Community

We have a whole community made up of thousands of game development enthusiasts just like yourself. We work together and help each other to bring our the best in each others' games.