Immersive Effects



Lighting adds a whole new level of depth to our games! Give haunted houses and eerie dungeons the feeling they deserve. The use of lights can bring a city to life or the lack thereof can be useful as you creep through the shadows infiltrating enemy territory under the dark of night! Examples above!

Day & Night Cycles

Intersect has a time editor that you can opt into using. Set different color tints and sun brightness for different times of the day. If the brightness is ever less than max (255) then overworld lights will start to show! The video above shows the day/night cycle in our demo game running at 2000x normal rate.



Animations are used all throughout Intersect. Equipment can give characters animations, events can display animations, map animations can be placed at will, projectiles and attacks all show animations. Animations integrate well with the lighting system for some outstanding visuals!

Smart Sound

Distance from sounds effects throughout your world correlates to how loud those sounds are heard. Walk towards the ocean and hear waves crashing into the shore, walk towards a fire and hear it crackle, visit a blacksmith and listen as he hammers away on his latest creation! Walk away and those sounds fade out of existence!


You can tile graphics over the game screen and have them move to provide all sorts of effects that we ultimately refer to as fogs! The video above shows us playing with several of the fog options within the engine in no particular order. As a designer you can add your own fogs, change opacity, and movement speed along the screen!

Panoramas & Overlays


Show images above (overlays) or below (panoramas) your maps. Use these effects to create sun/god rays, cliffs off in the distance, and many more cool effects! Hopefully you are more creative with these than I am!