Highly Customizable

Production Logos

Every movie, television show, or game in existence will show production logos or clips as they begin. Intersect offers similar functionality that you can customize as you please.  A demonstration can be found above.

Dynamic UI


Nearly every user interface element in our engine can be modified without needing to access the source code. Modify values in a few xml documents, replace a few graphics and you will have an entirely different, unique appearance to your game.  You can find several examples above of our dynamic ui system being put to use!

Localized & Translations Available

We've made Intersect friendly for our non English speaking friends. The client, server, and editor tool has a languages folder where you can create your own language files for the engine. Above is an example of our class editor using a Portuguese translation. You can find readily available translations in our downloads center.

Combat Formulas

Every game is going to be balanced a little differently. Intersect offers basic stats, item/spell buffs, different damage types, and more! All of these values are plugged into combat formulas that you are welcome to change whenever you'd like to balance your game however you'd like! (Again, no source code changes required!)

Fonts & Colors


It's easy to install new fonts in the engine. Any and all colors used within the engine can be modified either in the ui property files or a colors file located server side.



Credits are easy to modify and we offer tons of customization options including font, color, and size! The credits look really professional in game!

No Source Required

We'll be releasing the source code shortly for anyone wanting advanced features Intersect does not offer by default, but most small changes (like everything shown on this page) can be accomplished without the source code whatsoever.