Intersect Features

Here you will find a comprehensive list of the primary features Intersect has to offer. As developers, we're always adding new features, fixing bugs, and squeezing every ounce of performance from this engine that we possibly can. Our goal is to provide features that most games will require. Once the engine is open source our support community will offer guides and tutorials to implement any other features you might need.



Conquer together! Parties, Trading, PvP, Friends System, Chat Channels, and more provide a wholesome multiplayer experience. Players can quite literally work with or against each other to reshape the world around them!

Traditional RPG Elements

Crafting, trading, resource gathering, bank, shop, questing and real time action battles (abs) are included within Intersect! Each and every type RPG from dungeon crawlers to agricultural simulators are within reach!

Highly Customizable

Use your own graphics, redesign the engines user interface, translate your game for different demographics, change colors, text, phrases, hide/remove windows and features you don't want, even modify combat formulas without touching a line of code!

Immersive Effects

Dynamic lighting, positional sounds effects, custom dialogue chains, and more add several layers of depth to your game. The choices your players make can quite literally re-sculpt the world around them. Let us show you how!

User Friendly

We focused on designers to provide the best development experience possible. Creating games should be simple, fun, and rewarding. Click here to learn about our mapping enhancements, automatic port forwarding and more!

Other Unique Features

Such as cross platform deployment! Design your games in Windows. Afterwards you can host and play your games on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX devices. More platforms possible in the future!