Traditional RPG Elements

Action Battle System

Hack in slash for life!


Setup trees to cut, crops to harvest, ores to mine, fishing holes to visit, and so much more! Collect resources, craft into manufactured goods, turn around and use those goods to aid in your quests or sell them to make a profit!


See resources above? This is the system where you allow your players to turn the wood, ores, crops, and other raw goods into manufactured items like swords, clothes, books, and anything else you might create in your game!


Take your valuable possessions or items you can no longer bear to carry and store them away. Banks will keep items safe and they will always be waiting for your players when they return for them.


You setup every shop available in your game. Have shops sell items that players cannot obtain by crafting. Allow players to sell items in shops to gain wealth. Remember, almost all games have economies and balanced economies are critical in MMORPGS.


Stories can make or break games. Completing quest tasks give players a sense of accomplishment. Quests help drive players to completing story elements. With a good plot and several alternative quest lines your this single feature can keep your players busy forever!