Unique Features

Cross Platform Ready


The game server and game client can be ran on Window, Mac OSX, and most Linux Distros! It's possible that we'll support even more platforms in the future! The screenshots above show our game client running on all three of the aforementioned platforms connected to the same server at the same time.



RPG Maker inspired events allow you to organize in-game interactions with an easy visual editor. Our event system supports conditional branching, dialogues, world changes, player updates, and so much more. Use events to create advanced npc dialogue chains, dungeon puzzles, quest givers, story drivers, and so much more! (No coding or scripting knowledge required!)

Automatic Port Forwarding (UPnP)

UPnP is a tool Intersect uses to deal with routers blocking the world from playing your game. This will bring your game online for most users without the need of port forwarding. This nifty feature should save time and frustration for all of our users!

Network Encryption

Don't let any sensitive data be snatched by web pirates! All information is encrypted all the time!

Password Security

We've seen other engines where players' passwords are stored on your computer in txt files in plain text. In truth, we don't want to know our users passwords, we should never see their passwords, we just want them to be able to login to the game. Passwords are encrypted on the players computers and hashed with a unique salt before being transmitted over the network. You will never know your players passwords, and if you get hacked or release your database unintentionally you may rest assured knowing that your players lives and identities are not compromised!