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Where can I download the source code?

Intersect's source have not yet been made available. It is our wishes to disclose the source once we have finished the base engine, have had time to refactor our code, prepare documentation, and mentally ready ourselves to support this engine.

When will the source code be released?

We will have the source out to you all as soon as possible! Checkout our development roadmap for a better idea of where we are in completing this engine.

Can I bribe you for the source code?

Suprisingly enough this is frequently asked. Umm.. you can try, others have, but we have not accepted any such bribes to this date.

Will you add X feature?

Maybe... feel free to post your feature here as a suggestion for us to consider. Keep in mind that we want Intersect to be a good base for /most/ users. When selecting features to add we limit ourselves to features we think will be used by 90% or more games/users.

How many players can play at the same time?

We don't quite know. We are still working on fixing bugs and optimizing Intersect, but when all is said and done Intersect should be able to support hundreds or thousands of players online at the same time.

How many maps, items, spells, classes, etc can I create?

Short answer: More than you'll ever need. Long answer: Potentially up to 2,147,483,647 of each. We don't think you will ever reach these limits - if you find any let us know!

How can I change map or tile size?

Where should I go to learn C#?

Can I transfer maps and content from RPG Maker, Eclipse or other engines?

What language is this programmed in?

C# using the .Net Framework

What franeworks/libraries do you use?

MonoGame (Ms-Pl) for Client/Editor graphic rendering and audio playback
DarkUI (LGPL 3) for Editor form control styling
DockPanelSuite (MIT) for Editor user interface docking elements
Gwen DotNet (MIT) for Client user interface
PngCs (Apache) for Editor world screenshots
Mono.Data.Sqlite & Sqlite3 for Server database and Editor map caching

How do I change the language in Intersect? (From English -> Spanish, French, Etc)

How can other players join my game?

How can others help me design my game?

Where should I host my server?

Great question. Are you Linux savvy? By Linux I'm not talking about the fancy Ubuntu desktop build with the friendly user interface but the server command prompt/terminal looking Linux that most people are scared of? If so, you can host Intersect games on almost any Linux VPS out there. Do some research on cost and performance in your region.

If you don't know a lot about Linux then a Windows server will be a LOT easier to manage. The following are my personal recommendations for VPS hosting services. I've used them in the past and they've been reliable. Take that for what you will.

Windows VPS Hosting:

Linux VPS Hosting:

My buddy is the CEO of Ownage Hosting. They are giving us a good deal on a Linux VPS to hosting our site and various game servers from time to time. If you think you can handle Linux then their VPS's are reliable as any. I'm currently in talks with Ownage to bring a dedicated Intersect hosting service online where no setup would be required nor would you need experience managing a Linux or Windows server.

Is there scripting support?

Nope, but the source code will be released soon. Having the source of the engine will give you complete control of your game and make low level changes to the engine that scripting never could.

Why do all of this for free?

We didn’t know what we were signing up for….