Intersect Game Engine

This is the design ready beta release of our engine. Feel free to download and explore all of the features we have to offer. You can start designing your game and your data will work in all future versions. Be sure to report all bugs in our community!

Download the latest version of Intersect here!

Helpful Links:

Simple Game Updater

When you're ready to distribute your game you may find yourself looking for a tool that will allow you to distribute new graphics and game updates to your players. One should note that there is never an end to developing and expanding upon a MMORPG. This updater runs off of Google Drive. Simply keep a working copy of your game in a Google Drive folder and this updater will make sure that your players have the same copy on their computers. 

Click here for more information, download links, and setup steps for our simple game updater.

More Downloads Coming Soon!

Game resources, language files, and so much more will be available soon!