Intersect Game Engine

You are allowed to create games with Intersect and distribute, sell, or otherwise make money off your games for free. There are no costs or fees for using Intersect. Intersect is available for public, private, commercial, and educational use. Intersect is split into 3 major components which are the Game Client (MIT), the Editor (GPLv3) and the Server (GPLv3).

MIT licensing on the client allows you to use it as you wish with no restrictions for free. Create games and sell them if you wish, you are not required to disclose your games' source code!

The Editor Suite and Server have a slightly different licensing scheme. The GPL license forces you to disclose your source code if you ever share or distribute modified versions of these applications publicly. We acknowledge that users will likely make advancements and upgrades to our engine that they'd like to sell. Distributing your own modifications to our engine (free or otherwise) are permitted, but the source changes must be included.

You are not required to share source changes to the Editor or Server when they are being used privately or within your team.


Intersect Community Graphics Pack

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