About Intersect Engine

Intersect is a C# online role playing game creation toolkit. This engine combines the beloved online role playing aspects of classic 2d tile based orpg engines with a modern code base, a user friendly development suite, and brand new features.

Maps are seamless and are easier than ever to create. We have an excellent lighting system, events, and much much more!

Our client is separately licensed as MIT so you can legally distribute your games and make a profit.

Designed with Users in Mind

When we worked with similar orpg engines it seemed like the developers never thought about designers.

For example, you couldn't undo or redo changes to your world, you couldn't copy/paste or move tiles around, and you couldn't see how tiles would look before you comitted to placing them.

All of this changed with Intersect. We offer all of the features mentioned above and more! You can see how your maps will connect without jumping back in forth. You can create warp tiles in a visual editor instead of writing down X, Y, Z coordinanents and a lot more!

Features Popular RPG Elements

  • Combat - Including Weapons, Spells, and Projectiles
  • Modern Lighting
  • Items
  • Shops
  • Animations
  • Stats
  • Leveling
  • Character Creation
  • Quests
  • Resource Gathering
  • Chained Dialogues
  • Puzzles
  • and More!

Build Massive Games

With Intersect as long as you can imagine it you can create it. Design seemingly endless worlds and immersive stories.

Your games can contain thousands of hours of gameplay and maintain large playerbases. There are no limits!

Mono Compatible

The Intersect client is powered by MonoGame. The server is mono compatible.

In the future you can look forward to the possibility to deploying your game across across many platforms including Mac, Linux, mobile devices and consoles.

You can host your game server in a Linux environment already. Cut the costs of hosting your game because you won't pay extra for Windows servers.