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This is one of the most controversial graphic packs around. Some people love them, some hate them. I think the idea of rendering 3d models for use in a 2d game is rather unique. If you're looking for a larger sense of realism in your games then make sure to check these out!

Fair warning though, I've been sold from many sources that these are harder to use compared to the graphics we ship with Intersect by default or other popular graphic sets on the web.

The author over at Pioneer Valley Games offers both free and paid resources.

The free resources include this beauty (click to expand):

The paid resources are mostly complete graphic sets with all of the tiles and characters required to create visually realistic games. A few examples can be found below:

If you're interested in these sort of graphics be sure to head on over to Pioneer Valley Games.com. Be sure to tell them you're using the Intersect game engine and make sure you buy graphics that are permitted to be used outside the single player RPG Maker engines.