Stop! Intersect upgrades must be done in order! You cannot skip from Alpha 1.X or Beta 1 to Beta 4. Make sure you are using Intersect Beta 4, 4.1, or 4.2 before following the instructions in this guide.

Intersect Beta 4.4 Upgrade Instructions

Step 1: Make a backup of your game!

Nothing will go wrong but it's better to have a backup just in case. Copy your Intersect Beta 4 folder and paste it somewhere else for safe keeping. MakeABackup

Step 2: Delete the following files and folders

  • Client and Editor/libs (Folder)

  • Client and Editor/Intersect Client.exe.config

  • Client and Editor/Intersect Editor.exe.config

  • Any PDB files in the Client and Editor folder.

  • Server/libs (Folder)

  • Server/Intersect Server.exe.config

  • Server/Intersect Migration Tool.exe.config

  • Any PDB files in the Server folder.

Step 3: Fix Character Stats

Open the following file Client and Editor/Resources/Languages/Client.English.xml

Search for the <ItemDesc> block and add the following lines to it

        <string id="stat0">Attack: {00}</string>
        <string id="stat1">Ability Power: {00}</string>
        <string id="stat2">Defense: {00}</string>
        <string id="stat3">Magic Resist: {00}</string>
        <string id="stat4">Speed: {00}</string>

Step 4: Download Intersect Beta 4.5

Download Intersect Beta 4.5 here. Save it somewhere on your machine.

Step 5: Extract the Intersect Beta 4 archive

Extract the Intersect Beta 4.5 files on top of your current Intersect Beta 4 installation. Replace/overwrite any files that already exist. OverwriteBeta3

You're Done!

You can now launch your server and continue playing or creating your MMO!