Stop! Intersect upgrades must be done in order! You cannot skip from Alpha 1.X or Beta 1 to Beta 3. Make sure you are using Intersect Beta 3 before following the instructions in this guide.

Intersect Beta 4 Upgrade Instructions

Step 1: Make a backup of your game!

Nothing will go wrong but it's better to have a backup just in case. Copy your Intersect Beta 3 folder and paste it somewhere else for safe keeping. MakeABackup

Step 2: Change Port to 5400

If you are using the default Intersect port from before Beta 4 (port 4500) then you need to switch it to something else. Open the following files and change 4500 to 5400.

  • Client/Resources/Config.xml
  • Editor/Resources/Config.xml
  • Server/Resources/Config.xml ChangePort

Step 3: Add new Options to Server Config

Add the following lines to your Server/Resources/Config.xml inside the <Player></Player> block.



Step 4: Delete the Following Files

If the following files exist then delete them. We have made a ton of changes to our language and color xmls. Deleting this files will allow Intersect to generate new ones for you.

  • Server/Resources/Colors.Xml
  • Client/Resources/languages/Client.English.xml
  • Editor/Resources/languages/Editor.English.xml
  • Server/Resources/languages/Server.English.xml

If you have translated your game, then move your files to a safe location and compare with the new Beta 4 versions to find the differences.

Step 5: Download Required Beta 4 Resources

Download these required Beta 4 resources. Extract them into both your Client/Resources and Editor/Resources folders. ExtractingResources

Step 6: Download Intersect Beta 4

Download Intersect Beta 4.2 here. Save it somewhere on your machine.

Step 7: Extract the Intersect Beta 4 archive

Extract the Intersect Beta 4 files on top of your current Intersect Beta 3 installation. Replace/overwrite any files that already exist. OverwriteBeta3

Step 8: Run Database Migration Tool

Open your Intersect Server folder. Run the Intersect Migration Tool. Follow the prompts to upgrade your database. RunMigration

You're Done!

If you're Intersect folder was called Intersect Engine Beta 3 or Intersect Beta 3.1 we recommend renaming it to Intersect Engine Beta 4 so you don't get confused about what version of the engine you are running later. You can now launch your server and continue playing or creating your MMO!