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[Editor] Text too large, text cut off or items out of place?

Solution is to set your DPI 100%. Our editor does not handle DPI scaling well which is why things don't look right. Below are links on how to set DPI in various Windows operating systems.

It is important that you sign out and back in after changing DPI settings.

If you are still having trouble in Windows 10 try the following steps (video how to):

  1. Right click on your desktop, and select the Display Settings option.
  2. In display settings click Advanced Display Settings at the bottom of the window.
  3. At the bottom of Advanced Display Settings click the link to Advanced sizing of text and other items.
  4. Click the scaling level link and make sure the font scaling level is 100%.
  5. Sign out or restart your pc and try using the Intersect editor again.

Graphics look different in client and editor? Artifacts visible on client?

This is a MonoGame issue at the core. For reasons I won't get into here our client HAS to be OpenGL and our editor HAS to be DirectX under the hood. They handle graphics differently in MonoGame but the MonoGame team are working on it. Once the MonoGame team has this worked out we will bring their fix into Intersect. Here is the GitHub Issue regarding the bug and their progress fixing it.