Starting the Server

In order for Intersect to run, you will need to have the server running, first. This is the “backbone” of the engine and is necessary to be up and running for your game to be working. Start by going into the Server folder, and opening Intersect Server.exe.


A terminal (black window with white text) should appear. Once the terminal states “Server Started” you are ready to go. Do NOT close the server.

Starting the Client

Next, you will open the Client, which is the actual game component of Intersect. Go to your Client and Editor folder and open Intersect Client.exe.


The game’s default main menu will appear. You are now ready to create your first character, who will also be your first admin.

Creating an Account.

Click on the “Register” button.


You will be asked to fill in account information. Use a name that will not be associated with your character for extra security. Type in your password and click “Register”.


You will then be asked to create your character. Pick a name, a class, and don’t worry about getting too attached – you will likely be changing all of these things, later. Click “Login” and you will enter the game!


Congratulations! Your character is now logged into the game. You won’t see much, yet, but you are now ready to start changing all of that by editing your game!

Launching the Editor

Minimize or close the client. Go to your Client and Editor folder and open Intersect Editor.exe. Sign in using the account you just made.


Start Creating!

Welcome to Intersect! You now have the power in your hands to begin sculpting a world every bit as wild as your imagination.

You are looking at our map editor now, you can place the tiles from tilesets on the left onto the map. Clicking the save button will make those changes appear in your game.

Double clicking the bordering area surrounding your map will allow you to expand your world and create more maps that appear seamless in-game.


Clicking next below will go over the various windows and components in our editor. We encourage you mess around with the editor on your own and then come back and refer to the documentation whenever you come across something that isn't intuitive or clear. Learning to use new software and creating a game takes time and can be very challenging. Don't forget to have some fun!