Now lets work out the passage of a day in the game using the Time Editor!

Step 1 - Define how many breaks our day will have.

Let's go to the Time Editor. Select 2 hours. Link 4 Now we have 12 intervals. Link 5

Step 2 - Define how many speed our day will have.

Since we will modify the time, we will not need to check "Sync With Server". Let's go for the value 60. Link 6 Then the time in the game will be running every 60 seconds, 1 minute.

Step 3 - Define how many colors our day will have.

As we are simulating the passage of a day in the game, we go by overlays on the hours. Link 07 From 12AM at the top, up to 6AM, select this color. Link 7

From 8AM to 2PM we will not make any modifications.

At 4PM Set this color. Link 8 From 6PM to 10 PM, select this color. Link 7 Make sure that the settings are as follows. Link 10

For brightness select these settings. 12AM - 0% 2AM - 0% 4AM - 30% 6AM - 60% 8AM - 80% 10AM - 100% 12PM - 100% 2PM - 100% 4PM - 55% 6PM - 20% 8PM - 0% 10PM - 0%

Now just watch the day pass inside the game!

How the hours will work together with the events, causing certain action to happen within a certain amount of time, you will see in the event session.

The changes will be smooth from one color to another, or getting lighter by following the settings in this tutorial.

On this basis I encourage you to continue to explore this editor.