The Light Editor is for inserting a light into the animation or in the map. Here we have: Light

  • Offset X and Y - Will move the beam of light out of the center. In the X axis positive values to move to the right and negatives to move to the left. In the Y axis positive values to move down and negative to move up.
  • Color - Lets you change the color of the light within the map or animation.
  • For Intensity, size and amt. Just add values. Images will explain their functions better than words could explain.
  • Intensity Intensity
  • Size Size
  • AMT AMT The revert button will make the size 0.

The light editor appears for map editing in the "lights" section and is embedded in the animation edition. In the animation edition light will be added for each frame, make sure that you have added light to all the frames or the light of your animation may not come out as expected.