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Click here for a great Eclipse Website with very detailed tutorials that go into great depth about Eclipse and the game engine.

Or look below.

Getting Started With Eclipse

Getting Started with Eclipse

Getting started + getting game online

Getting started Movie

Huge Tutorial on almost everything

Complete Guide to Eclipse Evolution

How to place NPC's

Guide to setting up Total Eclipse

How to setup Eclipse Video

Very Detailed Guide with Pictures

Another good TE tutorial with pictures

Eclipse Guide

Yet Another Eclipse Evolution Guide

Run Eclipse on Linux

How to Map With Eclipse

How to map well With Eclipse

Another Mapping Tutorial

Guide to mapping Layers

Another Mapping Tutorial

Next Level of mapping

Sample Advertising post

Port Forwarding With Eclipse

Port Forwarding (This is how you get your game online )

Hamachi with Eclipse

Graphics With Eclipse

How to draw Custom Sprites

World map Tutorial

Custom Tileset Tutorial

How to Recolor Sprites

How to make Tiles

How to pixel Shirts

How to Create Sprites (very detailed)

Another Sprite Tutorial

How to pixel a tree

How to Rip Tiles

How to rip Sprites

GUI making Tutorial

Scripting With Eclipse

Ultimate Guide to Sadscript

Sadscrpit Tutorial


Custom Menu Tutorial

Arrays and Strings

Multi Variable Commands


Where to place Scripts what does what